a very happy new year from me to you...

May the stars shine ever so brightly on you in the coming year....
See you here...after a little break... in 2011

vivre côté paris...

As much as I am an online for everything person I still love flicking through a magazine. I enjoy savouring the images, I try and see ideas that might work for me and that may enhance my home and I like to know where I can find the featured bits and pieces. All this is easily doable on the internet - call me old fashioned - but I still want the feel of the glossy paper touching my fingertips. 

Magazines, especially the interior and home style kind are doing it tough these days. I get it and like many others, because of the ease of our laptops and ipads, I am not as loyal to my subscriptions as I once was. Vivre Côté Paris and Côté Sud from the Côté Maison group are two that I try never to miss. Even if you don't live in France or read French, the homes and apartments photographed are a true visual treat. 

If you want to subscribe to these magazines look here and the word you want is abonnement - right up the top on the second line....xv

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image - vivre côté paris via google

A Cool Sip.

Just hanging out with Kate and Adam at Starbucks.
These shoes were a gift from ModCloth. While we were in NYC, we were each given a voucher for a Chictopia dress, but unfortunately it didn't come in my size. The ladies at Modcloth were nice enough to allow me to get a pair of shoes instead, and these are the lovely heels I chose! The order came quickly, I would definitely recommend ModCloth if you are look for unique and quirky peices online.

Gift from Adam Gap cardigan. Thrifted dress, sunglasses and belt.
Modcloth All Around The Mulberry Heel. Gift from nenee socks.

He loves me, he loves me not....

Pulling the petals off a flower has always been a romantic way of deciding the course of true love. It looks like France's first lady and songstress, Carla Bruni, has picked just the right amount of petals. On their recent trip to New York she and French President Nicolas Sarkozy look very much together and appear to have survived the rumour mill of innuendo circulating throughout France. According to the Huffington Post, romantic lunches in Central Park, amorous evenings in the Carlyle Hotel and some intellectual chat at Columbia are doing wonders for the marriage...

Let's hope those daisies and their petals don't tell fibs.....xv

daisies - me

Hello, It's Me Again.

Yes, I know, I'm like a ghost blogger these days, I yet again apologize profusely.
I hope that everyone's holidays were/are splendid,
mine have been excellent, very busy and are still going...
I will be back in full force in the New Year, I promise. Please bear with me until then.
I'm planning a giveaway, a big shop update, lots and lots of pictures and an exciting review of Shoes Got Sole, which carries a myriad of shoes and boots, including Dingo and Aerosoles.
In short, I'm very excited for everything coming up soon!
Thanks again for checking out this blog, even though posting has been rather sketchy lately.

Happy New Year! See you in 2010 :)



I don't know what I'm wearing tonight. We are going to a New Year's party with 50's/60's music, so it will have to be danceable! I wish I had this exact outfit from NYE 1941 that I found on flickr. I love every last detail, especially those little stars!

What are your plans for tonight?

Here Comes The Sun (Doo Doo Doo).

One thing I've learned at school so far is that fashion school is not quite what the movies make it out to be. It's still school, and there isn't flashing lights and supermodels all the time. Who knew?!? Ha!

Somedays, it really does feel like a little surreal. This particular afternoon, a couple friends (Erica and Marisa) and I decided to sneak out into the sun while on break. That is something I love about fashion school: like minded people! Impromptu photoshoots? Check!

Forgive the gratuitous photos of me here, I think this is the first time y'all are seeing my new(ish) cape! I thrifted it for $3. which I think might make it my holy grail of capes!!! After seeing Erin's, I went on a mini-hunt for a similar style. That was resolved in record time! Cape love forever.

Deena and Ozzy hat.
Thrifted cape, shirt, belt.
Gift from Kate skirt.
American Apparel jersey belt as tie.
Joe Fresh Tights.
Hot Kiss wedges.